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This is the secondary cast page(s). I'm keeping it so once a character is firmly established, I'll add them. I will keep this up-to-date, so always check back.
Death has a job to do, and nothing should get in way of his task. Too bad one fool can't get it right. Chuck's damn persistent soul has become a thorn in ol'dark face's side. The fact that Lance and Andy snagged it back has really got them on his shitlist too.
Nick is A devil. Not THE devil. He's just a demon. Nick's circle of hell has become pretty boring over the years. Therefore, he's decided to remedy this task by interfering with the lives of a few unlucky souls. 
Guess which ones.
Lance's Soul
Lance let him go, and now he's out there. Grinning. Now he's out there having way more fun than Lance will ever have. The only thing Lance can do is try and get this guy back. How will he find him? Where? And, most importantly,
WHEN will he get started looking!?
Rick The Roach
He ain't a bad guy! Not much is known about this little guy. He really does mean well. And he ain't got no thumbs. Currently, Rick is on a long journey to find the Jeff that Suzanne pointed him to.
Julio is the spirit who's centralized around Suzanne. One of those troublesome spirits who are attached to one person. He's supposedly evil, but he's been dead so long that he doesn't even remember what he did, who he was, or even what his name was. Now he's just a perpetual thorn is Suzanne's side. Julio is Sue's name for him.
What does insanity and law school have in common? One man.
His visits home are always a treat.

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