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Link Me!
Well, if you're here, then I guess I'm complimented. I have a few banners, one of each size, and I'll be making more. I actually think it's fun (if you could call it that), so I'll be making more. If you want to link to me, feel free to snag one of these. I'd like it if you contact me by e-mail or, if you're also on Comic Genesis, PM me (SpasticDisaster) on the boards to tell me you linked me, and I'll check you out, and most likely do the same. Scratch my back, I scratch yours.
With out further ado, the banners:

I got the large 468x60:

The Medium 200x40:

And The Small 88x31 button:

Enjoy! And Thanks! Make sure you let me know if you link me!

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