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Lance is the central character of this comic. He is surrounded by a twisted, wild world, and isn't sure how much he can take. Therefore, he's often prone to losing his composure, and frequent nosebleeds. His eyes are inverted because he soul left him for losing his spirit and determination.
Jeff was a guy. Then he died. After the intervention of a demon, he traded his soul to become a demon-on-earth. Apparently, the job boils down to just being a bastard. If you're feeling down, Jeff is the one you can count on to make you feel even worse.
Andy is a man of few words. At first glance, he seems to be nothing more than a large guy who's around to own the house and let these assholes run loose in it. Underneath that exterior, however, lies a life of adventure, sin, regrets, romance, heroism, and disaster.
Suzanne is a spitfire. You may be tempted to think you could push her around because her thin build, but you will be quickly corrected. Quite outspoken, she often finds herself matched by equally sharp-tongued Jeff.
Soon, however, surprises are in store for them. 
Poor, poor Chuck. Chuck is a happy guy who has been dealt a terrible hand. The ability to die over and over. You may think that sounds pretty neat, but not when you see the toll that it seems to be taking on the poor kid's psyche. That grin.
Pogo doesn't speak a word, but, boy is he cute. "Pogo" is our heroes' name for him. Jeff's lovable little sidekick. Where is he from? What he doing here? How old is he? All questions to be answered, my friends.


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